What is Digital Marketing And How Can It Help My Business?

Jan 31, 2022 | Blog, Digital Marketing, Marketing in a Minute

Digital marketing refers to marketing campaigns carried out online. This can include email, social media, paid search, web-based marketing, push notifications and apps just to name a few! Digital marketing is often compared to “traditional marketing” which encompases tv, print ads in magazines and newspapers, direct mail and billboards.

These days it is very important to have an online presence to ‘be seen’ by potential customers.

Here are just a few key examples of how you can start implementing a digital marketing strategy:

Social media marketing

The best form of social media marketing is a mix of both paid and organic content.
Paid content is Facebook makes it very easy for you o

Google Ads

Google Ads can place ads in both the results of Google search engine results and other non-seach websites, mobile apps and videos.

Email Marketing

Email is now consistently cited as the digital marketing channel that delivers the highest ROI (Return on investment). There are many benefits to email marketing including such as:

  • Cost effective
  • Personalisation
  • Easy to track and measure
  • Reach an engaged audience

To name just a few!


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it refers to the techniques used to generate traffic to your website without paying for it.

SEO can be incredibly valuable to your business as it is an ongoing asset and helps your website to rank highly in the search engine results pages. However, SEO takes a lot of time, effort and planning. Some companies hire full time SEO specialists, just to keep on top of the ever changing digital landscape. However there are certain tips and tricks that can be employed when building a website that will help to ensure your website will appear in search engine results.

What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

One of the major benefits to digital marketing is that is not only reaches a broader audience to traditional marketing, but it also comes at a fraction of the cost. With Digital marketing you can create one Google ad that can run for months and be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and only cost a couple of hundred dollars.

Digital marketing is also very easy to track. Unlike traditional marketing, where you can have vague range of how many people saw your TV or print ad – digital marketing allows you to track exactly how many people clicked on your ad, how long they looked at it, whether they bought something as a result.

Digital marketing is a very effective and easy way to connect with your customers. Digital marketing has amazing growth potential and should be a key component in every business’s marketing strategy.

Unsure of where to start your digital marketing strategy? Chat to us today for cost effective and powerful marketing solutions.

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