Why Digital Printing Cannot Guarantee 100% Colour Accuracy

Apr 27, 2023 | Blog

Digital printing is a great way to quickly produce high-quality prints and signage. However, when it comes to colour accuracy, there is usually a degree of compromise involved as digital printers cannot guarantee exact matching of certain colours. If you require absolute colour matching for your project, this can be done but will come at an additional cost due to the extra time taken by the colour matching process.

Why Can’t Digital Printing Provide 100% Colour Accuracy?

The main reason behind digital printing not being able to provide 100% accurate colour replication lies in its very nature. Instead of using traditional methods such as engraving or lithography, digital printing relies on a series of tiny ink jets which spray tiny droplets onto the substrate with great precision. Every printer has its own set of criteria when it comes to calibrating its machines and this affects how accurately it meets specified output parameters – even if those are based on industry standard requirements. Additionally, digital printers also rely on paper stocks and inks that may differ from printer to printer – further adding variability into the mix. All these factors make it difficult for one machine or supplier to guarantee exact colour reproduction across multiple orders.

What You Need to Know About Pantone Colours and Digital Printing

Pantone colours are a universal colour matching system that enables printers to accurately match colour across different substrates and prints. These colours, created using special inks, offer deeper hues and brighter tones when compared to those produced by traditional CMYK printing processes. Although Pantone is a more accurate option generally speaking, the added complexity involved in the creation of these swatches often makes them much more expensive than digital prints. Knowing the differences between Pantone and digital colours can be crucial if you’re looking to create effective marketing material as it will help you make an informed decision about which option is best for your project.

How Can Colour Accuracy be Achieved?

At Easyaz we understand how important it is for projects to match specific colour standards accurately so we offer our clients the option of opting into our colour-matching process. This additional step does involve an extra cost due to its lengthy nature but ensures that you get exactly what you asked for during print production. By providing a Pantone colour we can test our processes against your expected output and get the best result.

Get Consistent Results with Our Wide Range of Pre-Coloured Vinyl Swatches

Printed signage projects can be significantly improved by selecting from our wide range of pre-coloured vinyl swatches. This will ensure that the colour, particularly block colours, remains consistent every time and will yield a much better representation of the original design. Please note that suppliers’ swatch options may vary and may not match the full range of PMS Pantone Colours. Although digital printing is a great way to quickly produce high-quality prints, it cannot guarantee exact colour accuracy and so using pre-coloured swatches is a great way to achieve consistent results when working on signage projects.

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