Promoting a business locally…7 easy ideas

Sep 11, 2021 | Blog, Marketing in a Minute

If your primary customers are in your local geographical area, that is a great opportunity for you to do effective local marketing.

Heres 7 ideas that won’t break the bank, to bring more local traffic to your business:

  1. Flyers – ok that sounds obvious, but many people overlook the humble flyer in the digital age, but its still a super quick and cost effective way to get your message out to physical foot traffic. Order in volumes of 500 or more for best value, use both sides of the page and keep the flyer small (eg DL or A5) to get more bang for your buck!
  2. Facebook and Google Ads – did you know you can limit these to ONLY show to customers in an area that you set (eg 10km radius from you)? So no wasting money on people who are out of the area – you can get your ads in front of literally thousands of accounts locally for under $100 of click budget. Worth a try!
  3. Signage – if you have a shopfront OR a vehicle, don’t waste any of that valuable marketing space – do some branding, add some deals, anything to get customers attention to your business
  4. Collaborate – if there’s a complimentary local business you could refer to and from, team up and swap flyers or business cards so they can send traffic to you and vice versa
  5. Encourage loyalty – consider a loyalty/reward scheme you could offer repeat customers, so they choose your business and not your competitors
  6. Donate – it doesn’t have to be a Caribbean Cruise for 2, but maybe you have something you could offer as a donation to local community group fundraisers? It gets your business name out to the local community and gives you an opportunity to network and promote your business whilst giving back to your neighbourhood
  7. Merchandise – from lolly bags to stubby coolers, t-shirts to branded USBs, the list is endless of items you can whack your branding on! Choose objects that get re-used and shared, so its not only the person you gave it to that sees your branding

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