5 reasons why you need a website NOT JUST a facebook page?

Sep 11, 2021 | Blog, Marketing in a Minute

  1. Not everyone is on Facebook! And as the social media giant grows, more people are losing trust and jumping ship. So you are missing out on customers if you only have a facebook page
  2. You don’t own your facebook page – you are just borrowing it from Mr Zuckerberg, and if you disobey any of the many rules and standards (even accidentally), the moderators can close down your page, and you will lose all your followers.
  3. Trolls, keyboard warriors and negativity – comments are important on Facebook, but if your followers comments detract from your business messages then it can take that marketing control away from you as the business owner
  4. Algorithms! Facebook is constantly changing how it prioritises newsfeeds, and currently many businesses are only getting to about 10% of their followers accounts.
  5. They want your money! Facebook would much prefer you pay for your business presence, not have it for free, so they are only going to make it harder for your business to show up without doing some sort of advertising.

So get a website – you own the content, you control the content, and you can promote it wherever you like, to whoever you like. And you can keep your facebook page too 😉

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ready to make your idea come to life?

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