Online marketing management that WON'T break the bank

Have you been quoted THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to get your small business advertising online?

How many small businesses can afford that???

You COULD spend $500 a month on newspaper adverts…

but how do you know who reads them?

And if they generate sales?


You could INVEST that money in Online Marketing
– WEEKLY Reports,

– see how many people see, click and take action from your posts

– control your advertising spend (Google and Facebook click costs)

– build a strategy that creates repeat customers and raving fans!

Pay Per Click

Not ready to sign up, or sure which package is best for your business?

Thats fine! Below is an explanation of what the different features mean in real life terms.

Or click the link below for a no-obligation chat about what we can do for your business marketing.

We customise packages to suit so if you need something different, just let us know!


Explanation of Features

Website Audit

We go through your website and ensure there are no broken page links, that the important things are included and it presents well on desktop and mobile. We check for professional spelling and grammar, fair representation of services etc.

There’s no point spending money on promoting an outdated or inaccurate website.

We also ensure you have plenty of Calls to Action – that’s buttons or text encouraging people to take the next steps, whether that be call, email, submit a form or make a purchase.


Online Presence Audit

Next we check how you appear on the web to the end user – is your site mobile friendly, do you appear in google searches under your business name, main products, google maps etc.

Do you have social media accounts and are they all correctly linked? This helps us understand your current level of online marketing so we can recommend how best to improve it. If you are already kicking ass on Instagram with thousands of followers, we won’t waste time and money on getting that going (although we might suggest strategies to monetize that popularity!)


SEO audit

We check how you are performing on search terms that should be relevant in your industry/location. And importantly – we ensure they are USED on your website.

So many people get frustrated at not coming up on certain Google searches, without realising they never used those actual search terms in their website copy!


Strategy Session

Once we have completed our audits, we meet virtually or in person to discuss goals and strategy. We ask for a minimum 3 month commitment, as things won’t change overnight (sorry! – if anyone promises that they are full of ****!), but 3 months is a good period to test and measure your strategies and decide if this is the path for your business. We believe there is an online strategy to suit EVERY business, but the choice is always yours. No hard sells here.

At this point, we also look at logins, permissions etc for Web hosting/domains, website editing, Facebook, Instagram (and any other social media you are using) and Google (Analytics, Adwords and Search Console). Ideally we leave the accounts in your full control and add ourselves as admins, so we can action your marketing needs with minimum fuss and in record time. (Need an advert up same afternoon – with admin access we can do this on your behalf).

NOTE – if you choose the Supercharged package, we do a monthly session to review results and plan new campaigns as well


Email Newsletter

STILL the best Return on Investment (ROI) in the Digital Marketing world! Industry stats are that for every $1 you put into email marketing , on average you get $44 back! Obviously thats an average, but its a very low cost and effective marketing tool so definitely important for the small business marketer.

We set up your newsletter account (if you don’t have one) using a software such as MailChimp (currently free for up to 2000 subscribers), design your newsletter template and hook it up to your online store if you have one. Then you provide us the content (either in detail, or bullet points and we can write the copy), and we create and send. The software shows us who opens the email, who clicks, what they click on, and any purchases associated with it. VERY TRANSPARENT!

Obviously you will want to keep getting more names on the list, so we also ensure its connected to your website and socials to keep gathering more names.


Content Calendar

Thinking of engaging relevant posts for social media is HARD WORK! We create a simple online spreadsheet with suggested topics, text, images and Calls to Action for each day of the month.

You can choose what to use or ignore, and most of the content is “evergreen” meaning you can re-use it whenever you like. People are unlikely to remember that photo you re-posted from 6 weeks ago, so it’s still engaging and keeps that interest level up.


Google & Facebook Campaigns

We do the legwork to set up your account ready for action (its all in your name and we do ask that you use your own payment methods so we don’t have to on-bill for click charges).

We create the demographic parameters such as locations, age groups, interests and previous engagement with your site, social media or e-commerce. We create “campaigns” – for example an EOFY sale, and set up the system to control the budget, times of day shown, how often people see the advert and so on.

We also create the content in various formats to best suit your goal.

NOTE – Google and Facebook charge PER CLICK or PER IMPRESSION (ie how many times its shown) and its done behind the scenes with clever auction software.

You will need to decide what budget you want to spend with them each month (or you can do a shorter campaign even as little as 1 day), and this is separate to our costs.

We recommend average of no less than $150 a month spend (ideally $300 upwards if you can afford it) –  results do vary based on industry, competition and goals so best to discuss this during our strategy session as well.


Content Writing

Some people are a whizz with words…others not so much! Google LOVES content, blogs, how to’s, resource guides , top 10s etc. These help drive organic (unpaid) traffic to your website, so as a longer term strategy and to set you apart from your competitors as an expert in your field they are invaluable. We can not only write and publish these for you on your website or social media channel, we can also research them so you don’t have to do all the thinking either!




It’s ESSENTIAL to know how you are performing online. There are so many tools available to do this, its something you should always expect from your digital marketing specialist.

We provide weekly updates customised to suit your interest level (do you want all the pages visited and time spent on the page, or just how many site visitors or how many sales made?).

We also provide feedback on things that are working or not working as well as hoped, and suggestions we could implement to improve. This means your marketing is learning and growing – so the marketing at the end of your initial 3 month cycle should always perform better than at the start!



We customise packages to suit clients who have different needs, and offer services in pretty much every element of Online Marketing, including YouTube, video creating and edition, photography and photo editing, graphic design and more. So please feel free to ask us anything!

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