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What is “email marketing” and how do I do it?

Email newsletters…aren’t they just annoying? Cluttering up your Inbox, trying to sell you things all the time? And email clients like Google just push them straight into the “Promotions” tab so who will see them anyway?

When it comes to customer interaction, email is the Holy Grail of marketing communication.

That’s because done right, it produces phenomenal results. In fact, the ROI for email marketing can be as high as 4400%. That’s $44 for every dollar spent on an email marketing campaign

Campaign Monitor

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Email marketing is simply put, sending emails to your past, current and potential customers, to try and get more engagement and eventually sales.

This marketing is often referred to as Email Campaigns, Email Newsletters, Automated Email workflows or Sales Funnels.

The simplest way is straight from your email, writing a personal sales email. But this is by far the SLOWEST, LEAST EFFICIENT way to go! Its also hard to track performance, or even remember who you have and haven’t sent to.


But there IS a better way to do Email Marketing!

Follow these 4 simple steps to ensure you get your email marketing campaigns launched fast, accurately and effectively, to maximise your ROI.

Find some Email addresses

The first thing you need is a database. This is basically a list of email addresses (and other details if you have them) of your past, current and potential customers, who you would like to send email marketing to. There are some rules around getting permission to send these emails, so make sure you have gained them from a legitimate source (usually your sales records).

Sign up to (Free) Software

Now choose an email software provider, such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign or Campaign Monitor. These providers have FREE and paid services, generally you can start and continue with the free versions until you are ready to move to another level.

Mailchimp offers a great Free option and many clients stay on (and get great value from) their Free version for years.

Create & Send your Email

Finally, you upload your database to the email software and then create some standard templates to lay out your newsletters.

This can be saved so you don’t have to redesign every time, you just change the content.

The email can be sent straight away OR scheduled to a particular day or time.


Monitor your results

Once you send your first campaign, you can start checking the reports- who opened the email, who clicked on the links, and which links they clicked on. Even what products they bought if you are marketing an online store!

You can use this information to help you decide how to write your next email to focus on what works and don’t waste time on what doesn’t generate interest.


To keep building your email list, its important to add a subscribe button on your website, this can be a Pop-Up box, a page, an opt-in tick box on a contact form or a combination. But the main thing is to keep growing that list!

Or let Easyaz manage your Email Marketing for you!


10+ years of email marketing experience


Custom template designs


One off or regular campaigns


Content writing and planning


Integrate with your online store


Regular reporting


Analysis of reports


Incorporate findings into new campaigns

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