Your branding on shirts, company colours for business shirts, any style or fabric – we have you covered and looking professional with our embroidered or printed detail made to your specifications, with our advice if needed.

Dressing in a uniform instantly provides a feeling of a team and working together to a shared goal. If you want to build a tight, effective team that presents well to your customers, suppliers and the public in a professional, or even relaxed, manner there is no better way than with work apparel.

From your employees point of view it can make getting dressed for work in an appropriate way easier and cheaper. You are left without the headache of a team who want to compete with each other in the fashion stakes, come to work dressed inappropriately and have less work writing company policy on dress codes.

Customers know who to ask for help and advice on their purchases and suppliers see a well-run ship they want to do business with; new recruits automatically feel as a part of your business’ progress, working with you and the rest of the team towards a common goal.

When your team leave work in uniform and drop to the store or to other events, you get free unobtrusive advertising that sticks in people’s minds and comes to be well recognised in your local area. Simply by having your team come and go from work reminds customers to top up their products or services from you or to attract new clients to your business.

Whether it be Safety Clothing like high visibility vests, hard hats or gloves, or something a little more relaxed for retail assistants or your sales team we are able to provide you with options for style, comfort and safety.


Because customers are willing to pay more for products and services in places where the staff are smartly, similarly and professionally representing the company, than they are in establishments where staff are dressed differently.

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At Easyaz, our job is to make your brand POP! We do this in many ways, with ever developing technologies and product range.

Our in house design and production team can provide your business with everything from a logo design, graphic design of your business cards and flyers, to printing, signwriting on panels, vehicles and buildings, to custom branded apparel and merchandise.

We also offer digital marketing so can design or re-design your website, setup, manage and provide content for your social media feeds and email newsletters, and run Google AdWords and Facebook pay per click marketing campaigns.

Our goal is to ensure your brand stands out from the competition, to get more leads, more customers, more sales and more profits to your bottom line. 

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