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So you have a website…
now how do you
Get Traffic
to visit it?

Organic traffic

Organic traffic relies on the content of your site and the free promotion you do via links from other sites, social media posts and physical promotion (eg website on a bumper sticker, a brochure, a sign or a business card)

Paid traffic

Paid traffic this is via platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You need an advertising account set up, and then can create Campaigns, and within these you can create different adverts and sets of adverts.

Organic Traffic

As it is done as part of other marketing processes (for example you will already have business cards, not just to promote your website), or using free tools (such as Facebook post), it doesn’t cost PER ADVERT or PER VISIT generated from the advert. Therefore its very valuable to a business to generate this kind of traffic ongoing. It does however, take time to build up, and there are certain tricks to ensuring that your website is configured in a way that it naturally appears in Google searches. This is what people call “Organic SEO” (Search Engine Optimisation). It is not always controllable, so Google may not show your site to the audience you are targeting, or as frequently as you would like. So whilst its great because once set up there are no ongoing costs, its also harder to drive a fast response.

Organic Traffic

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Lead Generation

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Pay Per Click

Paid Traffic

The main advantages to this kind of advertising is that its instant – you can be live within a couple of hours and appearing on page 1 of Google on your search terms, its targetable – you can identify geographic, demographic or online behaviour characteristics and set the adverts to show to those people specifically, rather than “anyone on the internet”. Finally its accountable – you can track the success of these campaigns by seeing how many clicked, what demographic they were in, where they went on your website, what they purchased etc. You can even use this information to send out a second advert to them (for example people who clicked on your advert but didnt make it to the checkout).

The main disadvantage of this type of advertising is that you pay for every “click” on the advert, regardless of if it results in a sale. As there are many more people browsing than buying, a conversion rate of 2-4% is quite normal, so needs to be factored into your budget. The GOOD NEWS though, is that you can control your budget with all these advertising mediums, so you could run a campaign for 1 week spending only $5 a day maximum in clicks (total cost $35), or 1 month spending $50 a day maximum (total max cost $1550). It all depends on how much return you need to get to make the spend worthwhile. And if the campaign goes well, you can increase the budget to get more sales. You can even Pause or cancel it at any point, so you have a lot of control over costs.
Compare that to a typical “Heres my card” advert in the newspaper – often a 6 week commitment at $75 a week (total cost $450), and no way of tracking who is reading it or if the leads generated even came from that advert.

Paid Advertising Strategy

It is important to understand what stage your marketing process is in when looking to start a pay per click campaign.


Understanding the Company, Your Brand and Your Goals.


Creating your target market and understanding what that market wants to achieve.


Understanding who your competition is and what they are doing.


Testing the performance of different campaigns and adjusting each one to maximize ROI.

Not sure what kind of advertising is best for your online business? 

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