"Email is familiar. it’s comfortable. it’s easy to use. but it might just be the biggest killer of time and productivity in the office today."

Ryan Holmes, Businessman & Author

Do you feel like your inbox is overflowing and theres no getting on top of it? Ever heard the term “Inbox Zero”? Yes it means what it says…zero emails in your Inbox. Sounds like it could never happen? Its Easyaz!

1 – Just create a folder in your email system and call it something like “To Action” and drag EVERY SINGLE ONE of your Inbox emails into this folder. Your Inbox is now at zero! OK there’s a couple more things to do…

2 – Create some other action folders eg “Call Back”, “Quote”, “Schedule Meeting” (even “Newsletters, read later”!), and ensure ALL new emails get dragged straight into one of these folders.

This will keep you at Inbox Zero every day and also neatly group your emails into batches of actions rather than switching from one task to another. This is proven to be a much more efficient way to manage your time.

3 – Categorise the backlog.  Depending on how many emails are in the “To Action” folder, set yourself a challenge to move a certain amount per day into your task folders. Even if you have 500 emails, do 25 a day and you will be fully organised in a month.

EXTRA TIP – sort your To Action folder by “From” – often you can grab all emails from the one sender and move them straight away as they will all require the same action, this will reduce the backlog even quicker!

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