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Mobile advertising sounds expensive, but if you have a fleet of vehicles for sales people, technicians and account managers like Viatek, then why not turn them into mobile adverts just like they did?

Viatek have offices covering the whole of Eastern Australia – that’s a lot of ground to cover and a lot of cars to wrap! With over 20 cars and vans wrapped at various locations (Traralgon, Warragul and Ballarat) for Viatek’s convenience, they have been turning their travel to locations all over the east coast into a free advertising opportunity.

By providing a partial wrap for up to 8 cars at a time, we’ve managed to keep the fleet on the road and going about their everyday tasks of supporting businesses across Australia and passively generating further customers while they do it.

Getting your brand in front of the public, and having it stick in people’s minds is one of the great challenges in marketing. We understood the challenge and ensured that there was consistency of their brand across all the vehicles – not only in regards to logos, font and colours but also size and proportions when fitting them to each car or van. Viatek are back busily transporting businesses to the cloud and onto tomorrow’s business technology services and products, we’re ready for our next challenge – could it be you?


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